Fire Station



〒106-0031 3-7-15 Nishi-Azabu Minato-ku Tokyo

HOURS 8:00 to 6:00


Fire Station


2018/02/27 Fire Station

This week two of our classes went to the fire station to learn about what emergency services do. We are learning about occupations this month, so all of the children were very excited to go and learn as much as they could.

When we arrived all of the fire men and women came out to greet us. It was very exciting to meet all the firemen so close. They led us into the fire station and right up to one of the fire engines.

They opened the door and asked, who wants to hop in???

Of course everyone said ME!!!!!!

One by one we were allowed to sit in the truck and turn the handle.

One of our children even managed to honk the horn. All the fire staff were surprised. Us too.


After that, we ask them to open up all the panels on the side of the truck. We could see all the pipes and hoses. They even let us hold one of the hoses, its so heavy.


Then we tried on the fire uniform. It was so heavy, but some of our bigger children were very keen to try on the jacket. And the helmet.


They gave us a lovely present, some fire themed origami. Thank you so much.

In the end, all the firemen lined up and gave each of us a high 5.

I’m sure it was a highlight for many of our students.