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Water Wall


2021/07/28 Water Wall


Our boys and girls enjoyed making a “water wall” using milk cartons in the morning and then pool noodles in the afternoon. The teachers first explained how we can make water run from milk carton to milk carton, and from pool noodle to pool noodle.

In the morning, they tried to connect cartons in just the right places in order to catch and direct the running water, and one boy even thought that a carton could go behind the wall-board. They poured water in at the top and tried many times to make the water flow from carton to carton.
In the afternoon, they decided to connect noodles together to make one long noodle and run the water through that. One boy put a plastic cup on the end of the last noodle to see if it would shoot up like a rocket. The water flow was not strong enough so the cup didn’t shoot up; however, they all enjoyed watching the running water push up the cup. 
We were very pleased and impressed to see the girls and boys help each other make nice water walls together!


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