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STEM Challenge – Parachute –


2021/08/10 STEM Challenge – Parachute –


Today’s STEM Challenge was to make a parachute. We found out what kinds of materials we can use for a parachute and which one makes a parachute fly the longest.
We used cloth, a sheet of plastic (from a plastic bag), and coffee filters. The girls and boys each chose the one they wanted to use to make their parachute. They also decorated a person-shaped paper as a “mini me”.
We went up to the bike/UC room and dropped off their parachutes. Everyone was very excited to watch them fall.

Then, one boy held his parachute in front of the fan to see whether it would fly or not. After I saw him do that, I put the circulator-fan down on the floor and we tried to make a parachute fly. If we put the parachute in just the right place, it could fly very high! We observed that the parachute made from the sheet of plastic flew the highest.

The boys and girls enjoyed trying to find just the right place to let their parachute go and watch it fly.

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