Nature sounds.. sour plum.. paper? NATURE!



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Nature sounds.. sour plum.. paper? NATURE!


2022/06/29 Nature sounds.. sour plum.. paper? NATURE!

rimg2435 rimg2438 user4099 user4072 user4098 img_6248Despite the heat and humidity, today was so exciting for the children at the Summer School. Junior and Senior class learned how to make plum syrup! The children mixed the plum fruits with sugar cubes and saved them in a big jar. They’ll keep mixing them for three weeks until they’re ready to eat! I the afternoon, They went for their Scavenger Hunt 2 and tried to find the insects and the flowers on the list.

We also learned how paper is made and how to recycle. Children learned why we need to recycle and how important it is for our planet.

Everyone was so excited to participate in the paper recycling activity. They made paper balls by dipping the recycle papers into water, and we’re now waiting for them to dry and see the results!

Junior class enjoyed exploring nature by listening to different sound such as water flowing, rain,, thunder etc.. One child said, “I’m scared..” and hide under the table as he expresses himself. The put their hats on as they explore nature! Such a fun day today.


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