Our Guest teachers for Summer School



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Our Guest teachers for Summer School


2021/06/30 Our Guest teachers for Summer School

We have THREE GTs in Summer School, “Nutritionist”, “Art”, “Theatre Music”.



Date: July 2nd  (morning session)

Through a variety of food education activities, our nutritionist teaches children the importance of eating.
The children will learn food through their five senses.
This summer school, a chef from Yoyogi will demonstrate how to cut a fish with the children.


Rumi Saito, Nutritionist



Date: July 12th  (morning session)

The easiest way to represent my profession is to make pottery, mainly pots for tea ceremonies such as tea bowls. However as an artist I can create all kinds of other fine art like paintings, sculpture, calligraphy and music. The aim of my workshop for preschool children is not to allow them to complete their work of art, nor do I believe it makes sense to teach techniques or skills, but to allow them to realize that there is no limit, no such thing as a set rule for their expression or, as I see it, for their own life living. Have fun and be happy!


Ryusuke Asai, Art Teacher


Date: July 15th  (morning session)

Let’s travel to the world of imagination! With the music and theatre specialist TOPA, children will be able to use their whole body to perform and create a variety of sounds. Through creative and collaborative activities, children can concentrate and develop their ideas. And above all, they will have great fun!


TOPA (Tomohisa Hashimoto), Theatre Music Teacher



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