Preschool in Azabu, Tokyo. <Pal International Preschool>

We strive to respect each child, responding to our students' individual needs and nourishing their uniqueness. We believe children are best stimulated with highly personalized programs. We understand the importance of a warm, caring environment and plenty of personal attention. And we appreciate the benefits of Tokyo's international flavour, aiming to give students rewarding cross cultural experiences.

To Respect Each Child

We strive to respect each child's individuality and uniqueness. Each child has different wants, needs, and ways of expressing themselves. Experience has taught us that children in an international setting display a wonderful ability to encompass and embrace the differences in each other. We encourage this form of mutual admiration. We also aim to provide an atmosphere of respect between parents, staff and children.

Personalized Programs

Many combined years of teaching in an international school setting have resulted in the development of highly successful personalized programs for our students. Children at PAL enjoy a variety of activities which are physically, mentally, and artistically stimulating.

Personal Attention

PAL's students enjoy using a variety of materials, have plenty of space to roam, are taught by quality teachers and are given enough time to cultivate their wonderful imaginations. We provide a warm, secure and caring environment which aims to meet the individual needs of your child. Our low student to teacher ratio enables us to provide the highest level of individualized care to your most valuable asset: your child.

Cross Cultural Experience

The international flavor of Tokyo enables us, as well as our students, to experience friendships with people from all over the world. Each culture represented in our school brings with it many extraordinary possibilities which we actively explore, enjoy and incorporate in our programs.

PAL International School is a loving, nurturing, and safe environment, providing learning opportunites and cross-cultural experiences to children aged 6 months to 6 years. We provide age appropriate education, nurturing children's social, emotional, intellectual, cultural, and physical selves through play and study in a fun environment.


We strive to respect each child, nourishing their individuality with highly personalized programs and plenty of personal attention.


Our teachers are caring, motivated and qualified professionals who, like our students, come from a variety of different cultural backgrounds.


Our goal is to lay the foundations for our students' futures, by building their emotional, physical, social, intellectual and cultural skills.

Our 5 preschool classes and afternoon program provide your child with a safe, secure and nurturing environment to grow, develop and learn. We ensure that each class has enough teachers to provide high quality care for your child. We believe that allowing your child to blossom in such an environment is the ideal preparation for our kindergarten classes.


6 months to emerging 18 months
Children begin their development with art, music, exercise and other activities under the care of our warm dedicated teachers.


Emerging 3 years
Children's abilities and imagination are stimulated with arts & crafts, interacting with friends and learning new songs and rhymes.


K4 to K5
Students investigate math, explore the alphabet and enjoy gymnastics, music & dance, arts & crafts, drama, science and more.

Additional Services

In addition to our regular programs, we offer make up lessons, extra days, extended hours, school lunches and, for those thinking of joinging our programs, free trial lessons.       Details

Rockin' Horse

18 months to emerging 2 years
Children learn how to make new friends while exploring their exciting new world and developing their own unique personality.


Emerging 4 years
Literacy, math and choice-making are introduced while students learn to work within a larger group and improve their communication skills.

Afternoon program

A variety of programs are available after our regular programs, including English Enrichment, homework help, and fun clubs like drama, cooking and gym.

School Lunch

We provide a delicious and nutritious lunch at PAL. The order form and menu will be distributed monthly.