3D Recycled Sea Creatures



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3D Recycled Sea Creatures


2022/07/22 3D Recycled Sea Creatures



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Our guest teacher, Asahi sensei, showed the children how to create 3D sea creature shapes out of newspapers. By the end of the lesson, the children had created an incredible aquarium out of nothing but recycled newspapers and scotch tape, complete with whales, sharks, squids, jellyfish, oarfish, and seaweed.
We also continued our activity from yesterday since the children are still interested with sea shells, the drew and deocrated their own sea shells then laminated it to make an ornament. We had a fun water play activity as we tried to feel if the water is warm or cold, pour and transfer it form one container to another and even listen to the sound of the water as it comes out of the host (spray, mist, shower, splash..).
Happy Friday!
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