The New Coronavirus Infection In response to the extension of “Priority measures such as spread prevention”



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The New Coronavirus Infection In response to the extension of “Priority measures such as spread prevention”


2022/02/17 The New Coronavirus Infection In response to the extension of “Priority measures such as spread prevention”




Dear Parents and Guardians,

Seiwa Gakuen School Corporation
Chairman Yuzen Saito

The New Coronavirus Infection
In response to the extension of “Priority measures such as spread prevention”

Thank you for your continued understanding and cooperation in our school activities.


The government has decided to extend priority measures such as preventing disease in 13 prefectures,
including Tokyo, which is expected on the 13th, for three weeks until the 6th of next month, citing a desire to avoid straining medical treatment.
Accordingly, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has decided to strengthen “priority measures such as spread prevention.”
In response to this, the following measures will be taken at our school’s operating facilities.
We ask for your understanding and cooperation in the situation.
Our school will continue to operate as usual.


* If infections in children or school officials are confirmed, we will notify you,
as PAL may be closed or its operation restricted following consultation with each ward and health center.
* Before coming to PAL again, we respectfully request that you pay strict attention to infection control measures.


As for our school buses, we will continue to operate as usual after taking sufficient infection control measures.
Please check the attached file.
All buses are equipped with an air purifier that is effective in inactivating the new coronavirus and a new space sterilization deodorizer
that uses ultraviolet rays that are effective in coronavirus. Please be assured that it is applied to.


* We will use the website as a communication tool to connect the nursery school
and the family during this time to send emails and continue childcare online. Please check your email attentively.


Every day, our school takes the following precautions. Please understand that we take actions in accordance with administrative guidelines.
Additionally, certain employees may give telework or home training, but we will make every effort to manage childcare.
1. Disinfection in the Facility
● Disinfection and alcohol spray are installed in every classroom and the entrance.
● Handwashing using anti-bacterial soap for all children and teachers.
● Adequate Ventilation
● Disinfecting toilets, doorknobs, handrails, toys etc.


2.Temperature Check
● Mandatory check of body temperature for all children and teachers in the morning and if needed


3. Wearing Mask when commuting
● We encourage wearing mask when using public transportations.


4. Staying at Home
● Please do not come to school if you are in poor physical condition, such as a temperature of 37.5 degrees celsius or higher,
respiratory problems, or if a family member is showing such signs or symptoms.


5. Regarding business trips, training involving outsiders, etc in the facility
● Not only will each facility implement infection prevention and control methods for each member,
but there will also be an online meeting for each facility to minimize clustering.
Planned business travels may be postponed depending on the circumstances, and online meetings may be substituted.


We believe that the most important thing for society to take care of is ‘Childcare.’
We encourage parents to continue working while understanding that we will assist in the care of their children.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or concerns.
With the help of our entire team, we will strive to resolve this matter.









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