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Program Guide

What’s New with Seiwa

Children will be an integral part of the process of trial and error learning. "Unanswered activities," such as "ART" and "Sound Experience," which were recently added in the course,nurture children's rich sensitivity, imagination, and creativity, and serve as a source of expression and diverse questions that occur as a result of the activities. That, we believe, will encourage "knowledge curiosity."

Ⅰ GT (Guest Teacher )

Experience learning with invited artists to educate children about their artistic sensibility or their sensitivity to sound.

SOUND Experiences

Let’s take a close look at what kind of sound we can create.  Around the children, various materials such as paper, water, and tools are used. 

They will get the opportunity to participate in an variety of sound experiences as suggested by the Guest Teacher.  Theny are also able to engage in a variety of musical instruments.




Children make works of art using various materials around them.  Sometimes with the advice of a professional artist( GT),

the children will create magnificent collections of art works using their own unique imsginstion.

FOOD Education

Through various food education

experiences, our nutritionist emphasizes children the importance of eating.

Children uses their senses to experience food; they see, smell, hear, taste,and feel it.

Children also have the chance to plant fruits and vegetables, then cook using them.



Ⅱ School Bus Service

School bus started operating in September 2021

Ⅲ Extend hours

Extend hours are available

Morning Service  7:30 am -- 8:30am

Afternoon Service 13:30pm-15:30pm

Evening Service   17:00pm—19:00pm

Seiwa’s Creative Thinking

We believe nature  education and humanity education will help foster children’ daily lives and play. Even children growing up in the city of Hiroo can sense a variety of environmental events. Touching the sunlight, wind, rain, and thunder, the aroma of air and soil, the color of the sky, and the appearance of birds and small insects will enhance children's senses.


You can take the afternoon class one after the morning class.

Over 3years old children  can choose from two classes.

(Awesome Ants or Advanced Creative Thinking)


Morning Class


As this will most likely be the first time your child is separated from you, we make sure to provide extra attention with motherly care for all that he/she needs. 

Cradle class students receive an opportunity to begin development of their own character and uniqueness through art, music, physical exercise and a variety of other activities under the care of our warm dedicated teachers.


We will follow the individual routines of each and every child as they gradually grow and adapt into the school routine and become ready for the Rockin’ Horse Class.

Every young baby is different and all have different routines.We are able to adapt our routine to meet the individual needs of all members. The curriculum is developed depending upon the needs of the children in the class.

Make up classes are available for Cradle Class ? please call for in advance for available days. Children should bring along all lunch materials, spoons etc and snacks.


Children entering Rockin’ Horse/Trike class learn how to interact with others and make new friends.  Most importantly they will be exposed to a wide variety of experiences as they curiously explore their exciting new world, all the while being supported and encouraged by caring teachers while they develop their own unique personality. 


As children become ready we introduce number,

color and alphabet concepts.We build vocabulary day by day, and encourage children to become more vocal. Rockin Horse children love to learn and are so eager at this age to see, touch and know more. Our teachers understand this and challenge children on a daily basis.

Make up classes are available for this class – please call in advance for available days. Children should bring along all lunch materials,spoons etc, drink bottle and snacks.


Children in this class are talkative, energetic,highly imaginative and extremely curious.  Everyday math concepts are investigated as well as an in-depth exploration of the alphabet (phonics, reading and writing


),  gymnastics, music & movement, arts & crafts, drama,science, and multicultural and themed activities are all explored in-depth using the abilities and interests of the children as a guide. 

We realize the need for children of this age to be challenged, and provide activities accordingly; encouraging them to become life long learners.

We give each child every advantage possible in order to ensure that they will be successful in their next school setting.Bike  & Unicycle  students become the school leaders and show their leadership skills daily. They learn reading and practice writing and prepare for elementary school life.

Make up classes are available for Unicycle Class – please call in advance for available days. Children should bring along all lunch materials, spoons etc, drink bottle and snacks.